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October 30 Executive Summary Report

Posted: October 30, 2014

What’s New?

As the cold weather is approaching, we will soon have the exterior of Alexia Hall completely buttoned up (exterior windows installed &
exterior masonry complete).

The Past Week (Alexia Hall)

• Exterior masonry on the north side is complete.
• Mechanical/electrical/plumbing rough-ins continue.
• The main roof is sealed and complete.
• Interior stairs have been installed.

Coming Up in the Weeks Ahead (Alexia Hall)

• Drywall will start to be hung starting 11/3.
• Elevator installation will begin.
• Exterior masonry on the south side will be complete.
• Exterior windows will be installed.
• Interior masonry/stone veneer will be installed on the face of Alphonsa Hall.

Fun Fact: The skylight being installed at Alexia Hall has a total weight of 900 pounds.

Alexia Hall Stairway Installation

A view looking through the skylight opening as stairs are being installed

Looking into Aleixa Hall Basement from Alphonsa Hall

A look from the Alphonsa Hall basement into Alexia Hall

Windows being installed on the north side of Alexia Hall

Windows are being installed at the north side of Alexia Hall

Alexia Hall Skylight Installation

The skylight on Alexia Hall roof is being installed

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